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Wedding Portrait

"Absolutely amazing"

"They were absolutely amazing. I was very happy with everything that they had done at the wedding. My husband and I could not have asked for a better DJ for the wedding. Their service was amazing and they went above and beyond. They interacted with the kids that we had at the wedding. 2 of the boys liked helping the DJ's play songs and help choose songs too."

- Karen & Corey

Married 2019/09/21


Horizon Entertainment was founded in 2010 to set a new standard for entertainment service. By combining superior talent with state of the art equipment, Horizon Entertainment has created a variety of high quality, yet affordable entertainment packages that bring your vision to life. Each production is truly a unique performance designed specifically for that client, one that raises our high standard with every interaction. This makes every event a new and exciting challenge for Horizon Entertainment to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our client. 

Horizon Entertainment's representatives are all highly skilled, trained, and most importantly passionate about what they do. No matter how many years of experience our team members have it is our promise that we continue to always learn something new, and not only stay up to date on industry trends, but create them as we go. This approach ensures that you receive the professional service that will make you, and your production shine. 

Why Horizon Entertainment?      

Peace of Mind Reliability 
Every other month we receive a last minute call from a desperate bride who just had her DJ cancel on her for whatever reason. This is an awful position for a bride and groom to be in, and it happens more often than you may think, especially with the recent influx of independent DJs who are just "getting started" in the industry. It is our promise to you that even on dates when we are booked full, we will be fully prepared, and always have an on-the-clock back-up DJ ready to go. In addition, our back-up is always one of our regular working DJs with many years of experience, so nothing will be compromised for your special event should we need to use our back-up.

Unsurpassed DJ Excellence & Experience  
We do not train novice DJs to be put to the test at your Wedding Reception as some of the companies in this area do. When we consider hiring a new DJ, we require an absolute minimum of 3 years verifiable mobile DJ experience. Every single one of our 4 DJ’s has provided mobile DJ service to no less than 20 wedding receptions. This is very extensive wedding experience that no other local service even comes remotely close to with their DJ staff.

Phenomenal Sound Systems 
All of our sound systems used at events are very high performance with premium grade components and are specifically designed around superior sound technology. They are all comprised of upper-level Crown XLS & K series power amplifiers along with superb, audio-file JBL speakers. Our sound systems are inspiring, full and motivating on your dance floor while not blowing the ears off of your guests who are visiting, they are truly the best of both worlds for any event!  All of our sound system mixing-consoles are comprised of Denon, Behringer, Aphex, Furman and Shure components…the very best!

We Use Premium WAV File Format CDs 
The fact is, DJs who are using computers and iPods to play their music are using a compressed file format that doesn’t compare to a WAV file CD.  Yes, it is more convenient and less expensive to use your computer with MP3 and downloaded music, but the sound quality is compromised considerably by doing so. With the amount of money we invest in our sound systems, it would make no sense to bring down the sound quality by using a compressed file format for our music. It’s part of the reason why 99% of our customers rate our sound systems as “Excellent”.

Attitude, Friendliness & Performance   
We will match our experience, with your specific needs, to make your event memorable and fun for everyone. Your Horizon Entertainment DJ will come to your event with a friendly, outgoing, and caring attitude. Our DJs are mature, highly experienced professionals who maintain a charismatic, but non-showy appearance. You won’t see one of our DJs doing “The Twist”, standing on a speaker wearing a cowboy hat. We are not suggesting that our DJs are boring but they most certainly are not obnoxious! We provide our service with a fun, yet professional approach that is both tasteful and entertaining at the same time.

Presentation And Appearance 
When we are at your Event, your DJ will be neatly groomed and dressed in a company shirt, and black pants unless you request otherwise. In addition, our sound systems are clean and neatly set up with no tacky banners, neon signs, or marquees advertising our company name.

Excellent & Friendly Personal Service  
We pride ourselves in excellent personal service, if you read some of our testimonials you will see that our customers concur. My brother and I exclusively run our company and take all of our customer’s calls. We are here to assist you by phone Monday through Friday from 9-6 and rarely will you get a phone recording when you call, but if you do, your call will be promptly returned. We also answer emails 7 days a week so we are always accessible to you.

DJ & Sound System Back Up   
We always have at least one backup DJ on-call for every night that we have one or more receptions booked. Though we have 4 DJs, we only book as many as 2 engagements in one night, leaving 2 extra DJs available for emergency backup if needed. In addition, we always have an on-the-clock technician and plenty of back-up equipment ready in the event of a technical problem.

Fair & Real Prices With No Gimmicks  
Our prices are exactly the same for everyone depending on the system you choose and the day of your event. The prices we present to you do not change from day to day or from one customer to another. Aside from our listed-printed specials, you will not find a coupon or special deal on what we offer anywhere. We do not use the gimmick of raising our price just so we can give you a discount. We already have our packages fairly priced for the very upscale service, quality and experienced we provide.

No Pushy Sales Tactics 
When you call or e-mail to receive our additional information, it will be mailed to you within 24 hours. From that point forward, we will not call you every other day, or flood you with e-mails pushing you to book our service. In fact, we will not call you again unless you specifically request for us to do so. We very much respect your privacy and know that if you have questions, or want to book our service, you will contact us. We also never share or sell your information to anyone.

On top of all that, we are experts at handling last minute bookings. Has your DJ disappeared on you RIGHT before your event? No need to worry, just give us a call. We are prepared to cover any event in Ontario with very short notice.

Our services include:

  •  Corporate Disc Jockey Services

  •  School/Educational Institution Disc Jockey Services

  •  Wedding Disc Jockey Services

  •  Social Disc Jockey Services

  •  Wedding Photography

  •  Personal Photography

  •  Corporate Photography

  •  Bachelors/Bachelorette parties

  •  Children's Parties

  •  Anniversaries/Special Occasions

  •  Promotional Events

  •  Karaoke

  •  Wedding Videography

  •  Aerial Photography

  •  Drone Operations

  •  Equipment Rentals


What is Horizon Entertainment?

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